Farmstead Cheese

If you are looking for delightful raw grass fed farmstead cheese - our 2018 cheese should be available in late March! We never go above 98 degrees in the cheese making process to insure all the live enzymes in the milk are present in the cheese. Unlike pasteurized cheese, these live enzymes give the raw cheese an incredible amount of flavor profiles. We age with a natural rind, which mean more moisture evaporates so the cheese has a hard rind. I don't eat the rind, but it is edible!
The flavor profiles and health benefits of what I call "live" cheese can not be overstated. When I began eating my own raw cheese, I found my body actually reacted to it and I CRAVED it because it was
feeding my body living enzymes etc that it needed to digest other foods!
You can walk through a whole grocery store and find only a tiny fraction of the items there containing live enzymes. We require enzymes to help digest fats, proteins, sugars etc. Our bodies stop producing
enzymes in our 20's. Once we stop producing enzymes, the aging process begins to accelerate. We need to acquire them in our food. Raw milk and cheese are full of living enzymes. The milk contains around 30 types of enzymes. I encourage you to think of your raw cheese or milk as an elixer of health!

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